2018 Annual Report on Intra-EU Labour Mobility

This annual report on intra-EU labour mobility provides updated information on labour-mobility trends in EU and EFTA countries. Annual developments in stocks and flows are analysed in the perspective of longer-term trends. The analysis considers the mobility of all working-age citizens (20-64 years) as well as the mobility of those who are active (employed and unemployed). The report also looks at indicators of economic integration of mobile citizens (movers), such as employment/unemployment rates and occupations. In sectors with large numbers of movers, employees’ power – compared to that of their employers – can suffer because of the temporary nature of the labour contracts of movers. This year the report analyses the qualifications and the household composition of the EU-28 movers.


Author(s) E. Fries-Tersch, T. Tugran, A. Markowska, M. Jones
Language English
Year of publication Feb, 2019
Publisher European Commission, Brussels
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