German temporary agency workers’ SWB: the impact of POS provided by agencies

We focus on the specific relationship between temporary agency workers and their employing temporary work agencies in Germany that is characterized – in contrast to other European countries – by agencies’ central role in employment and the prevalence of permanent contracts. Our study addresses a research gap in understanding the mediating role of perceived organizational support (POS) provided by temporary work agencies in the relationship between employment-specific antecedents and temporary agency workers’ subjective well-being (SWB). Based on a sample of 350 temporary agency workers in Germany, the mediating role of perceived organizational support provided by agencies is analyzed using structural equation modeling.

We show that procedural justice, performance feedback and social network availability positively relate to perceived organizational support while perceived job insecurity shows the expected negative influence and distributive justice has no impact on POS. POS, in turn, positively relates to subjective well-being. The partially mediating effect of perceived organizational support between employment-specific antecedents and subjective well-being is also confirmed.

The results highlight the importance of agencies creating perceived organizational support and reducing perceived job insecurity for improving temporary agency workers’ subjective well-being.


Author(s) S. Imhof, M. Andresen
Language English
Year of publication Sep, 2017
Journal Employee Relations
Volume 2017
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Nieuwsbrief week 41 - 2017

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