Trade union strategies against precarious work: Common trends and sectoral divergence in the EU

We present comparative research on precarious work and trade union strategies in three sectors (construction, industrial cleaning, temporary agency work) across seven European countries. Specific sectors have a profile of precarious work that is remarkably similar across countries, originating from similar employer strategies and work organizations. This results in unions facing comparable challenges concerning precarious work at sectoral level and developing comparable sectoral strategies to combat precarious work. The success of these strategies depends to a large extent on the available power resources. Between sectors within single countries, we observe some similarities but also very substantial differences in their institutional configuration and in actors’ constellations, power resources and repertoires of action. National institutional contexts seem much less significant than often assumed.


Author(s) M.J. Keune, M. Pedaci
Language English
Year of publication Feb, 2019
Journal European Journal of Industrial Relations
Volume 2019
Page(s) 1-17
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