Labour market policy - Expenditure and participants: data 2016

This book presents statistics on labour market policy (LMP) interventions implemented by EU Member States and Norway in 2016, together with time-series for key variables covering the period 2004-2016. The paper is divided in four chapters. Chapter 1 is introductory. Chapters 2 and 3 deal respectively with data on expenditure and participants in LMP interventions and include tables of indicators used for monitoring the EU Employment Guidelines. Chapter 4 includes tables of external and reference data that help to put the LMP data into context. National interventions are classified according to a single scheme in order to ensure that the information on LMP interventions undertaken across Europe is presented in a way that is as consistent and comparable as possible.

LMP statistics cover labour market interventions which are public interventions in the labour market aimed at reaching its efficient functioning and correcting disequilibria. LMP interventions are distinguished from other general employment policy interventions in that they act selectively to favour particular groups in the labour market. LMP measures cover interventions that aim to provide people with new skills or experience of work in order to improve their employability or that encourage employers to create new jobs and take on unemployed people and other target groups. Measures include various forms of intervention that "activate" the unemployed and other groups by obliging them to participate in some form of activity in addition to basic job search, with the aim of improving their chances of finding regular employment afterwards. They are mostly short-term and temporary actions but on-going support for jobs that would otherwise not be sustained in the regular labour market is also covered.


Author(s) European Commission
Language English
Year of publication Oct, 2019
Publisher European Commission, Brussels
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